Open Records

Requesting Open Records

Murray County E9-1-1 does not currently charge a fee for filling open records requests. If a copy of a recording is requested, the requestor will be asked to bring a blank recordable CD which will be used to fill the request.

Usually, when a request is made, it is filled the same business day. However, if there will be extenuating circumstances, the requestor will be notified at the time the request is made that there will be a delay in filling the request and the amount of time necessary to fill the request. This time will not exceed three business days pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act.

As per Murray County E9-1-1 policy, an Open Records Request Form must be completed. When completing the request, please include as many details of the incident as possible to include the phone number the call came from, whether 911 or a non-emergency number was used to call the center, date the incident occurred, approximate time the incident occurred, address where the incident occurred, law enforcement case number (if available), and nature of the call. This information will be helpful in locating the call. Not all records will be subject to open records requests.