What happens when I report for jury duty?
Jurors are instructed to report to the jury assembly room. The jury manager will call role, and give you an overview of the week ahead. The presiding judge will come into the assembly room to address the jurors and answer any questions. You will stay in the assembly room where we provide coffee, water, and magazines until you are called by panels to go into the courtroom for jury selection. You are welcome to bring a book to read while waiting in the jury assembly room, and restrooms are located close by.

In the courtroom, the judge will tell you about the case, and introduce the lawyers and others who are involved in it.

Next is the questioning process called voir dire, which means “to speak the truth.” Counsel from both sides will question you and other members of the panel to find out if you have any knowledge about the case, any personal interest in it, or any feelings that might make it hard for you to be impartial. Usually a panel of 12 jurors is selected to serve on a case.

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