Superior Court - Conasauga Judicial Circuit

Superior CourtResponsibilities

In Georgia, the Superior Court is the general jurisdiction trial court which has exclusive, constitutional authority to preside over felony criminal cases and cases regarding title to land, divorce, equity, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warrants, prohibition, and adoptions. The court also exercises appellate jurisdiction from judgments of the Probate Court and Magistrate Court and provides general supervision of the Juvenile Court.

About the Court

The Conasauga Judicial Circuit is comprised of two counties: Murray (county seat is Chatsworth) and Whitfield (county seat is Dalton). These counties are located in northwest Georgia and have a combined population of over 100,000. Four judges preside in the circuit and each is elected to a four-year term. They preside over jury trials, rule on evidence, hear motions, and render verdicts in bench trials in each county. The court also provides a variety of programs which are managed by the superior court administrator. The administrative offices are located in Dalton, GA.

Treatment and Accountability Courts

The Conasauga Judicial Circuit operates three (3) accountability courts: a Drug Court which began in 2002; a Domestic Violence Court which began in 2014; and a Mental Health Court which began in 2018.

The Treatment Courts are administered by the Treatment Court Administrator. More information about these courts may be found on the Whitfield County website