Available Services

Murray County Transit is operated by the North GA Community Action Agency and open to the general public.

Murray County Transit is the public transportation service in Murray County. Transportation services provided by Murray County Transit includes non-emergency transportation services to several types of destinations, including:

  • Errands
  • Developmental centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Medical appointments
  • Senior Center

Transportation Fleet

Murray County Transit has a fleet of seven buses, all of which are wheelchair-accessible.


Murray County Transit receives funds from the following entities:


Title VI

Reasonable Accommodation for Disabilities

Wheel chair-accessible service is available. When you call to schedule your trip, please let us know of any assistance you may need in boarding or disembarking from the vehicle. For the safety of all passengers, our policy requires that wheelchairs be secured to the vehicle.

  • Persons using respirators or portable oxygen are permitted on vehicles.
  • Service animal accompanying individuals with disabilities are permitted.
  • Personal care attendants accompany / assisting person with disabilities are permitted and will not be charged.