Victim / Witness Assistance Program

Knowing Your Rights

Victims of many types of crimes have rights and responsibilities under Georgia law O.C.G.A. 17-17-1, referred to as the Victims' Bill of Rights. Under this statute, victims have the right to be notified of:

  • Any court hearings where release of the accused will be considered
  • Arrest of the accused
  • Availability of victim service programs
  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crime
  • Court proceedings during prosecution of the case
  • Motion for new trial or appeal dates
  • Parole or change of status of the defendant, if you request this in writing
  • The release of the accused

This law also states that victims have the right to express their opinions on the release of the accused pending court proceedings, express their views on the outcome of the case prior to plea negotiations or sentencing of the accused, and complete a Victim Impact Statement.

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