Complaints Received

Example of trashy yardCode Enforcement Complaint Process

The code enforcement officers either self-observes violations or receive complaints from the public and/or other governmental agencies. Upon observing a violation, the code enforcement officer documents the conditions of the property by:

  • Taking photos of the evidence
  • Visually observing the violation
  • Writing reports to document the violation

Contacting the Party Responsible for the Violation

Whenever possible, personal contact is made with the property owner and/or person responsible for the violation and a verbal or written violation notice is issued to the owner. The notice states:

  • The nature of the infraction and ordinance violated
  • What must be done to correct the violation
  • The date by which correction is required
  • The enforcement avenue which will be taken if the violation is not corrected

Contact Us

To report a complaint or request an enforcement action, the Code Enforcement Department can be contacted by phone at (706) 517-1400 ext. 1231 (leave a message if no one answers) or in person at:
121 N. Fourth Avenue
Chatsworth, GA 30705