Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I live in a camper/5th-wheel on my property?
Answer: No. Campers and 5th-wheels are considered recreational vehicles. That means, according to County Code, they are to only be used for recreational use. Campers and 5th-wheels are not to be used as dwellings. Septic and permanent power will not be approved for a camper/5th-wheel.

FAQ: When did Zoning come into affect and how does that effect my property?
Answer: Murray County adopted zoning practices in 2003. This divides each parcel of land in the county into their own Zone District. The type of home permitted on a property is based on your Zone District, as well as the types of animals permitted.

FAQ: Can I have chickens (other farm animals: goats, sheep, pigs, etc.) on my property?
Answer: Currently, the only Zone District that farm animals are permitted is the Agricultural Zone District. If someone is in a Residential (Rural or Suburban) and wants to keep the animals, a Conditional Use Permit needs to be applied for BEFORE the chickens are brought onto the property. Dogs and cats are not considered farm animals as per County Code.

FAQ: Can I install/build a tiny house on my property?
Answer: The home would have to meet the minimum square footage in the district in which the parcel is zoned: 584 sq.ft. in an AG Zone District, 864 sq.ft in a RR, and 1,200 sq.ft. in a SR. The home would also have to pass all minimum residential building codes.

FAQ: Can I renovate a storage building and live in it?
Answer: Not without a lot of work. The storage building would have to meet all zoning regulations, minimum residential building codes, and all minimal requirements for septic or sewage, as per Environmental Health, in order to be qualified as a viable residence.