Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime Prevention

  • Identity Theft: Many consider identity theft to be the fastest growing crime in America, affecting almost half a million people each year. Having your wallet stolen is the easiest way to steal your identity, but so is discarding financial information in your mail and giving out the PIN for your ATM and phone cards.
  • Protecting Your Privacy: Keeping an Eye On Your Private Information: Email, the internet, automated tellers, computer banking, long distance carriers, and credit cards make our lives more efficient. However, electronic transactions can leave you vulnerable to fraud and other crimes.
  • Safe and Secure in an Electronic World: Consumers can help protect themselves from online fraud by using secure internet connections, keeping records of their online transactions, regularly reviewing credit card and bank statements, reviewing website privacy policies, and patronizing reputable online businesses.
  • Safe Surfing: It is just as dangerous to leave children unsupervised and unrestricted on the internet as it is to leave them unsupervised on the streets. Establish guidelines children can follow for appropriate internet usage.
  • Shopping Safely Online: Convenience, good deals, and choices are all good things that the internet offers. But before you use it, be cybersmart and make your online experience a safe one.