Don't Be a Victim (Personal & Home Safety)

Personal & Home Safety Resources

  • A Safety Checklist for Apartments: A guide to checking your apartment building for safety measures. Consider starting or joining an apartment watch.
  • Checklist for Violence Prevention: Checklist of points to remember in evaluating family and community safety.
  • Crime Prevention for People with Disabilities: A physical disability does not prevent you from being a victim of crime. Common sense actions can reduce your risk.
  • Don't Leave Your Street Sense at Home When You Travel: A basic plan for safe and secure travel.
  • Don't Let Your Guard Down Just Because You Live in the Country: In addition to many of the types of crime found in cities, rural communities have their own unique crime problems - like theft of crops, timber, livestock, and expensive farm equipment. Investing in prevention pays off in better security around property, less worries about crime, and your family's security.
  • Don't Make It Easy For a Thief To Steal Your Wheels: Stolen cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles cost victims time and money and increase everyone's insurance premiums. They're also often used to commit other crimes.
  • Family Vacation Fun and Safety: Planning a family vacation? No matter where you are headed, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The steps you take to make your trip a safe one are important to its success.
  • Home Security: Invest In It Now: Making your home safer from crime doesn't always mean installing expensive alarms. Effective home security starts with properly locked doors and windows and visible, well-lighted entryways.
  • Home Security Checklist: Use this guide as you check your home for safety measures.
  • Lock Crime Out of Your Home: Home security inspections reduce burglary and/or breaking and entering by making the home a more difficult target; they may also diminish home robberies and larceny of property stored in the yard. Inspections can be requested from your local law enforcement agency. Also available in Spanish.
  • Safer Seniors: An increasing population of senior citizens, including those in assisted-living communities, has made police officers aware of the challenges of reaching this group with safety information. Strong support from the police chief and elected officials helps ensure that time, staff, and resources are dedicated to aiding seniors. Also available in Spanish.
  • Street Sense: It's Common Sense: Road rage, auto theft, street crime - You can reduce your chances for being a victim by taking common sense precautions.
  • The Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence: One out of every four women in this country will suffer some kind of violence at the hands of her husband or boyfriend. There are no easy answers, but there are things you can do to spot a problem or protect yourself. Also available in Spanish.
  • Use Common Sense to Spot a Con: It's not always easy to spot con artists. One easy rule to remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Working Safely at Home: Telecommuting? Remember it is important to secure yourself and your equipment when you're working from home.